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How we use cookies

The PlanningNI site and some of the tools and services it links to use a number of cookies. These cookies are listed below with more details about why we use them and how long they will last.

Measuring website usage

We use Google Analytics to collect information about how people use PlanningNI. We do this to make sure it’s meeting people's needs and to understand how we could meet those needs better.
Google Analytics store information about what pages you visit, how long you are on the site, how you got here and what you click on. We do not collect or store your personal details such as your name or address. We cannot identify who you are.
We do not allow Google to use or share any information we collect with other third parties.

Google Analytics

Name of cookie Typical Content Expires
__utma randomly generated number 2 years
__utmb randomly generated number 30 minutes
__utmc randomly generated number when you close your browser
__utmz randomly generated number and information on how the site was reached (e.g. direct or via a link, organic search or paid search) 6 months

Google Maps

PlanningNI uses Google Maps to provide visual geo-location information to assist in locating Local Area Planning Offices
Name of cookie Typical Content Expires
NID randomly generated number 6 months
PREF randomly generated number 2 years
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