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Processing applications: Consultation with Other Bodies

The Department will consult with statutory bodies to obtain comments on a development proposal in relation to the consultee's area of expertise.
Consultees include, Roads Service Opens link in a new browser window, Northern Ireland Water Opens link in a new browser window, Northern Ireland Environment Agency Opens link in a new browser window and the Environmental Health Department of the Council.
Consultees are forwarded a copy of the application form, all relevant plans and any other documents which may be submitted with the application, such as an Environmental Statement.
If third party representations are received for a planning application which raise issues that may be specific to another body, then the letter will be copied to them for comment.

Key Information

  • We will consult with other bodies of relevance to each individual application
  • The role of the consultee is to advise in their area of expertise
The role of the consultee will be to advise the Department whether the proposal is acceptable or unacceptable in relation to the area of expertise The consultee may propose specific conditions or informatives which are to be attached to any approval decision notice.
If refusal is recommended the consultee will provide the reason for refusal. However, the final decision on planning applications is taken by the Department, having taken into account the comments of consultees along with all other relevant material considerations.
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