Planning Portal

How long will it take?

In considering planning applications, the Department must follow certain procedures such as advertising, neighbour notification and consultation with statutory bodies and the local Council.
The Department should determine your application within eight weeks. Large or complex applications may take longer. The Local Area Planning Office should be able to give you an idea about the likely timetable.
If your application is not determined within eight weeks, you can appeal within six months to the Planning Appeals Commission. Before exercising your right of appeal, you may wish to contact your Local Area Planning Office to check the current situation regarding your application.

How will I be notified?

Once the Department receives an application for planning permission you will receive a letter acknowledging receipt of the application and any accompanying fee paid. This letter will also highlight the stages through which the application will pass prior to a decision being made.
At the end of the process the decision notice will issue advising whether planning permission has been granted or refused.
If you have employed an agent to work on your behalf, all correspondence will be directed to them. If an agent/architect has not been identified, the Deparment will correspond directly with the applicant.
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