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Development Plan Stage 4: Independent Examination

The Planning System: Preparing Development PlansThe statutory provision for Public Examination came into effect on 16 October 2006. Prior to this date, the Department had requested the Planning Appeals Commission (PAC) to hold Public Inquiries into certain draft plans.  These plans will continue to be considered through the Public Inquiry process. Further information may be found on the PAC Website Opens link in a new browser window.
The PAC holds an Independent Examination to consider objections to the Draft Plan and representations about objections.  Any person who makes an objection is given the opportunity to appear before and be heard by the PAC. The procedure for the conduct of the examination is determined by the PAC.
Following completion of the hearing the PAC will review all the relevant evidence and information and prepare a report of their Independent Examination.  This report is submitted to the Department.  Following consideration of the report the Department may adopt the plan with or without modification.
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