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Information Leaflet 14: Guidance on Pre-Application Discussions

Once you have requested a PAD and submitted all the necessary information, the following timetable of events can normally be expected:
  • We will decide within 15 working days, of receiving your request whether a PAD is appropriate. As already noted, this timescale is dependent on all the necessary information being available when the request for a PAD is made.
  • If we agree to a PAD it will take place no later than 30 working days after your request, although in most cases sooner.
  • Once a PAD is concluded we will issue a written response to you within 15 working days confirming the agreed position.
  • If we decide that a PAD would not be helpful we will write to you explaining why within 15 working days of your request. If appropriate, we will also identify any information which might be helpful to you in further pursuing your application.
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