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Information Leaflet 14: Guidance on Pre-Application Discussions

To request a PAD you should contact the relevant Divisional Planning Manager.  In order to help us help you, you must include as a minimum requirement sufficient information to explain the proposal, including existing plans or photographs and proposed sketch layouts. This information will help us decide whether a proposal is of sufficient scale or complexity to benefit from a PAD and allow for a more focused consideration of the issues.  We would also encourage you to visit our website which provides details of planning policies and the application process before you contact us.
If we think a PAD would be helpful we will as necessary invite our key consultees (for example Roads Service and EHS) to join us for the discussions. It is important that you provide as much relevant information about your proposal as possible, particularly when consultees will be involved. The discussions will focus on key planning policies, relevant constraints and other material issues, including the need for an environmental assessment (ES), transport assessment (TA) and retail impact assessment (RIA).
All the relevant information received, including our written response, will be placed on a file and given a reference number.  This number will be used in all future correspondence prior to the formal submission of an application. It will be linked with the formal application when it is received to assist with its processing and will be available for inspection by the public on request.
It is important to understand that if the advice given is not followed the result will almost certainly be that your application will not be progressed quickly or it will be refused.  
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