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Information Leaflet 14: Guidance on Pre-Application Discussions

The benefits of a PAD have been recognised by a number of developers in the processing of recent applications.  Positive comments have included the following:
“During the PAD process we found Planning Service and consultees to be very helpful in terms of guidance and clarity, ensuring we the applicants were in a position to submit a high quality comprehensive planning application which was progressed quickly.”
More generally, there are a number of key benefits from transparent PADs between a potential applicant and Planning Service.
They help to:
  • identify potential policy constraints and other material issues which need to be addressed by the developer at an early stage;
  • facilitate discussion with key consultees at an early stage, especially where an environmental statement is likely to be required;
  • identify related technical issues and allow for discussion;
  • ensure that you as the applicant engage with the appropriate stakeholders at an early stage in the planning process;
  • improve the content and quality of planning applications;
  • enhance the quality of a development scheme;
  • speed up the statutory decision-making process; and
  • ensure active case management.
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