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Information Leaflet 14: Guidance on Pre-Application Discussions

The PAD process can only be effective if both you as the applicant and we in the Planning Service comply with the basic ground rules.
For our part we undertake to provide advice on:
  • the relevant development plan and the Regional Development Strategy (RDS), where appropriate;
  • other relevant policies and guidance;
  • the range and details of the information which will be required with an application when it is submitted;
  • other approvals which may be required, for example demolition or listed building consent.
We will also provide:
  • written confirmation of the issues agreed as part of the PAD;
  • confirmation of the line manager and case officer who will be handling your application;
  • an indicative timescale for determining your application.
For your part we will look to you to submit, on a timely basis, all the information we mutually agreed at the PAD, for example:
  • properly completed application forms;
  • accurate plans and drawings;
  • environmental statement;
  • transport assessment;
  • retail impact assessment;
  • concept statements.
We will also look to you to ensure, with advice from your advisors, that the proposed development complies with the policy framework that we have outlined for you; that significant environmental effects have been properly considered and mitigating measures identified; and that the concerns of neighbours and the wider community have been fully considered, discussed and addressed beforehand.  This latter consideration should include discussion, as appropriate, with the local Council and elected representatives, relevant third party interest groups, neighbouring land and/or property owners and any tenants on the site that is proposed for development.
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