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Information Leaflet 9: Demolition and Planning Control

This leaflet is one of a series that looks at different aspects of the planning system. Its purpose is to outline in basic terms the planning controls over demolition of buildings and other structures in Northern Ireland. It is intended simply as a guide and its contents should not be relied upon as an authoritative interpretation of the law.
In many circumstances, the demolition of buildings and other structures may not require specific prior permission or consent from the Department of the Environment.
However, there are many historic buildings as well as areas of distinctive character where control over demolition is necessary. Accordingly, proposals for demolition of Listed Buildings, buildings in Conservation Areas and buildings in Areas of Townscape or Village Character are subject to demolition control.
It is recommended that before you carry out works to buildings, including demolition, you seek advice from your local Divisional Planning Office.
If you demolish buildings without the required consent of the Department you will be liable to enforcement action. The unauthorised demolition of Listed Buildings or buildings in a Conservation Area is an offence. Persons found guilty of such an offence are liable on conviction to a fine and/or imprisonment. Unauthorised works to a Scheduled Monument is also an offence and persons found guilty are liable on conviction to a fine.
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