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Information Leaflet 6: Certificates of Lawful Use or Development
What information is required?

Key Information

  • False or misleading statements can lead to prosecution.
  • Information provided is held on a public register.
The information required is listed on the application form and accompanying guidance notes. It is in your interest to provide as much accurate and detailed information as possible. If any of the necessary information is not provided, is vague or unclear, the application may be considered invalid, causing delay or refused. The onus of proof is on you as the applicant to demonstrate to the Department that a Certificate ought to be issued.
Please ensure that you submit original copies of any evidence in support of your application e.g. utility bills (rates/NIE), copies of other statutory approvals etc. Planning Service will arrange for these to be returned once the application has been decided if requested. In addition, note that your application will be held on a public register and you should think carefully about submitting information of a sensitive nature. Unlike planning applications, however, there is no requirement for Planning Service to publicise applications for Certificates of Lawful Use or Development, nor will neighbour notification or consultation with the local Council be carried out.
Please note that you must not make false or misleading statements or withhold material information with intent to deceive. If you do so you can be prosecuted and any certificate obtained can be revoked.
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