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Information Leaflet 5: Environmental Impact Assessment
How do I find out whether EIA is needed?

General advice is given in Development Control Advice Note No. 10 (Revised 2012). In addition the Department will advise about any particular development. Determinations on the need for EIA for Schedule 2 projects are held on the Statutory Planning Register in the Area Planning Offices.

How do I find out what is in an Environmental Statement?

When a developer submits an Environmental Statement in support of a planning application, the Department must publish notice of its receipt in a local newspaper and indicate where it may be purchased and the address of the Area Planning Office where it may be inspected.

How do I find out about the decision?

The Department will publish notice of its decision in a local newspaper and you may then go to the Area Planning Office and inspect the decision, the reasons for it and a description of any measures to reduce and if possible offset possible adverse environmental effects.
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