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Information Leaflet 3: Comment on a Planning Application
What do we do with your Comments?

We make decisions on planning applications taking account of:
  • published planning policy documents including strategic, operational and local policies;
  • the development plan for the area;
  • any other relevant planning matters (see section on Your comments above); and
  • representations we receive from neighbours, local people, other interested parties and elected representatives including the local Council.
As already indicated, comments which concern neighbour disputes, or which are made for moral reasons (often about bookmakers' shops, public houses and amusement arcades) are not relevant planning matters.
We cannot negotiate on your behalf with the person making the application. However, when we consider an application, we may need to suggest changes to the proposed development to make it acceptable in planning terms, although we cannot insist that it should be changed. We must issue a decision on all planning applications as submitted or amended. Our decision can be either a refusal or a permission which can have conditions attached.
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