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Information Leaflet 3: Comment on a Planning Application
What Happens When You Comment On An Application?

It is important that when you express a view, you explain clearly the reason for your view.
It is also important to identify yourself when making representations as it may seriously affect the weight attached to your comments if you do not, particularly if they concern your own circumstances or your own property.
We will aim to acknowledge your representations within five working days of receiving them. The acknowledgement will confirm that we will consider your representation as part of the decision making process. It will also detail the key stages of the planning process and give an indication of the general timescale for the application to reach each key stage. These timescales are indicative, as the actual time taken is dependent of the complexity of the application and the material issues raised, on a case by case basis.
Progress can be checked at any stage by logging onto the Planning Web Portal (, opening the link to the PublicAccess website and entering the planning application reference number. Alternatively, you may also contact the local Area Planning Office.
We will tell you about our decision when it is made and provide reasons for that decision.
If the person who is making the application appeals our decision to the Planning Appeals Commission (PAC) your comments on the application, which are already publicly available, will also be forwarded to the PAC for consideration by them as part of the appeal process. The decision of the PAC on an appeal is final.
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