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Information Leaflet 3: Comment on a Planning Application
Publicity for Planning Applications

If you are affected by a development proposal, you will have a chance to consider what is proposed, and how it will affect you. You also have the opportunity to make your views known to us before we make a decision on the application.
To help you we will:
  • advertise all applications in at least one local newspaper (consents to display advertisements are not advertised);
  • write to people who occupy buildings on land adjoining the application site boundary, and which are also within 90 metres of it;
  • make the application and associated documentation, including consultation replies, representations made by interested people and the consideration being given to the application, available to view on the PublicAccess website via the Planning Portal (;
  • hold planning clinics in certain towns where you may inspect applications and associated plans, maps, drawings and environmental information on the Public Register (by appointment only);
  • make the application file available, by appointment at the local Area Planning Office. The amount of information on the file will, of course, be dependent on the stage the application has reached;
  • take account of all relevant representations we receive; and
  • give reasons for our decision to those who make representation to us about the proposal.
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