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Information Leaflet 3: Comment on a Planning Application
What You Should Do if you are Affected by a Development Proposal

It is often the uncertainity about what is proposed that causes people to be concerned or to object.
If you are concerned about a development proposal, you should discuss the proposal informally with the person who is making the application (who may be a neighbour) to confirm the details of what they are proposing. You may also view the application, plans and other associated documents on the PublicAccess website via the Planning Web Portal (  Alternatively, you may visit the local Area Planning Office or make an appointment at a planning clinic to inspect the application and plans on the Public Register.
An appointment will be required to visit a planning clinic or to view an open file in the local Area Planning Office.  It is always advisable to make an appointment before any visit to the local Area Planning Office.
If after speaking to the applicant or inspecting the plans, you still have concerns or points you want to make to us, you should submit your views to the local Area Planning Office.  Representations should normally reach us as soon as possible and certainly before Key Stage 2 (see How do we make the decision?) of the process, in order to receive detailed consideration.  You may wish to visit the Planning NI Web Portal for more information.
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