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Information Leaflet 3: Comment on a Planning Application
Your Comments

In an effort to improve the overall accessibility to the planning process, all interested parties, including any member of the public, may view the application plans and other associated documents on PublicAccess website or request to view the application file and note progress. Representations, including letters of support or objection, will therefore be available for public scrutiny.
In giving your views you should concentrate on relevant planning matters.  It is important to remember that when we take a decision on an application, we can only consider those comments that are planning matters.  Any complaints regarding staff, application processing, enforcement proceedings or requests for information should be forwarded under separate cover.  If such material is contained within the representation, it will be removed and dealt with under the relevant procedures.
The main issue for us is whether the proposed development of the site is acceptable in planning terms and is in the public interest.  We also have to consider relevant planning policy and the effect the proposal might have on others, and on other interests, such as amenity of residents, the countryside, road safety, buildings or places of historic or architectural importance, and a wide variety of other matters relating to the environment.
To give you some guidance, the following are matters which he Department cannot take into account:
  • issues covered by other regulations for example, licensing and building control;
  • private property rights for example, disputes about boundaries (such as the encroachment of foundations onto a neighbours property; overhanging of an extension etc...) or access (such as access through a neighbours property during construction or for maintenance);
  • the reasons why a developer is making the application or their activities elsewhere;
  • moral issues related to the proposal;
To help us deal with your comments, please quote the reference number of the planning application when making your comments and set out clearly those matters which you want us to consider when we make our decision.
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