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Information Leaflet 3: Commenting on a Planning Application

Date: Revised August 2012
This leaflet will give you advice on how to become involved in the development management planning process and to assist you in making a representation on a planning application.  It also explains what we do with your comments.
It is simply a guide and is not intended to be a formal legal document.  If, when you have read it you are still in doubt, you should contact your local Area Planning Office where the staff will be happy to give you any help you need.

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Neighbour Notification Scheme
Under the Neighbour Notification Scheme, the Department will ensure that planning applications are brought to the individual attention of the occupiers of buildings on neighbouring land which are within 90m of the boundary of the application site.
Neighbouring land is defined as ‘land which directly adjoins the application site or which would adjoin it but for an entry or road less than 20m in width’.
All documentation will be amended in due course as part of a wider review of Departmental Guidance.

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Streamlined Council Consultation - Commenting on a planning application.

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