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Information Leaflet 2: Making a Complaint

If you were involved in the planning process and are not satisfied with the service you received, you can complain. For example, you can complain about:
  • how your enquiries or your correspondence were handled
  • how your application was processed
  • the contact you had with local staff
To complain, you should use:
  • the local council's complaints procedure if your complaint is about a local or major planning application or a service they provided; or
  • the Department for Infrastructure's complaints procedure if your complaint is about a regionally significant or called-in planning application.
The procedures will explain how your complaint will be handled, including the stages involved and the response timescales.

Council complaints

Each council is responsible for establishing their own complaints procedure. To view the current complaints procedure for your local council, please visit their website or contact their planning office for further information.

DfI complaints

The Department takes all complaints and allegations of wrong-doing very seriously and places great importance on what its customers have to say.
If you are dissatisfied about the service you received or the action the Department took or failed to take, please let them know. Details of how the Department's complaints procedure works and the steps to follow are available on the Department for Infrastructure website, a link to which is provided below. Any issues you raise will be dealt with in a professional and expedient manner.
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