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Information Leaflet 1: Your Permitted Development Rights
Which Permitted Development Proposals are Likely to Require Environmental Impact Assessment?

The majority of projects which benefit from permitted development rights, such as domestic garages, house extensions and most farm buildings will not require EIA. Currently only a very small number of planning applications require EIA. However certain development such as farm buildings for housing livestock may require EIA depending on whether the development is situated in or near a sensitive area, the size of the building, the number of livestock to be housed, and the number of livestock alreay present.
However if the development is within the categories in Schedule 1 of the EIA Regulations, EIA is mandatory. If it is a type listed in Schedule 2 and in, or partly in a sensitive are, or if it meets or exceeds the threshold in Column 2 of Schedule 2 you must not proceed under permitted development rights until the Planning Service has given a written document that EIA is not required.
The Planning Service considers that the number of permitted development proposals which will require EIA will be small.
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