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Information Leaflet 1: Your Permitted Development Rights
What Type of Development is Subject to Environmental Impact Assessment?

Some development projects, known as Schedule 1 projects because they are listed in Schedule 1 to the EIA Regulations, will always need EIA. These projects will rarely, if ever, be permitted development. Other projects, known as Schedule 2 projects because they are listed in Schedule 2 to the EIA Regulations, are likely to require EIA if the proposed development or any part of it is in a sensitive area or any threshold in column 2 of that Schedule is exceeded or met. For example EIA is likely to be required for an intensive livestock installation in, or partly in a sensitive area, or one which exceeds 500 square metres in area and is outside a "sensitive area".
If EIA is required a planning application accompanied by an environmental statement must be submitted to your local Divisional Planning Office. Staff there can give advise on the range of projects that could be affected. Advice is also available in Development Control Advice Note 10 (revised 1999).
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