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Information Leaflet 1: Your Permitted Development Rights
What if the proposal is Environmental Impact Assessment Development?

If a proposal is EIA development then planning permission must be granted before the proposal can go ahead. A planning application accompanied by an ES, and the appropiate fee must be submitted to the relevant Divisional Planning Office.
The Divisional Planning Office will advise you of the amount of the fee.
The EIA Regulations set out the statutory requirements and what an ES must cover. If you wish the Divisionsal Planning Office will, on request, give you an opinion as to the information to be provided in the ES. This is known as "scoping". They will slao advise you on the procedures to be followed.
You may choose to seek independent advice or engage consultants to prepare the ES for you. Government Departments and other environmental authorities with relevant information should be consulted and will make any relevant information available to you. These bodies may make a reasonable charge for the supply of information.
It is always advisable to discuss the proposal with the Divisional Planning Office at an early stage. This should help speed up the application and avoid unnecessary problems.
Whether or not EIA is required has no bearing on whether planning permission will be granted, although the environmental factors together with any proposed mitigation measures will be material considerations in the determination of the application.
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