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Guidance for the Management of Extractive Waste
Planning (Management of Waste from Extractive Industries) Regulations
Regulations came into operation on 1st April 2010 which transpose EC directive 2006/21/EC (MINING WASTE DIRECTIVE) on the management of waste from extractive industries  which also amends directive 2004/35/EC (the Environmental Liability Directive).
The Regulations and associated explanatory memorandum can be found here
The Mining Waste Directive sets out requirements for the management of waste material arising from extractive industries as a result of the on-shore prospecting, extraction, treatment and storage of mineral resources and the working of quarries. Its aim is to prevent, or reduce as far as possible, the production of waste and the potential harmful effects of such waste on the environment and human health.
The main impact on local operators will be the preparation, and subsequent review, of a waste management plan (WMP) in relation to new and existing minerals permissions.
The Department has produced specific guidance for Northern Ireland quarry operators in relation to these Regulations which can be found here
The level of detail required to meet the requirements of the Directive will be dependant upon the extraction waste produced at each site.
In order for the Department to determine whether a site is
Exempt from
requires the submission of a full or
reduced management plan
documentation needs to be submitted for the Department's consideration
Requirements for sites which produce only unpolluted soil or peat can be waived-(see Guidance for details)
If a site is producing only inert waste the Department shall require a reduced management plan- (See Annex J in the Department's Guidance for more details)
An operator must have a Waste Management Plan that has been formally approved by the Department , Operations that continue after this date without the Department’s formal written approval may be subject to enforcement action.
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