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Return of Invalid Planning Applications

Planning Service's policy is to return all invalid planning applications in their entirety to the Applicant or Agent.
The policy is aimed at improving the quality of applications being made and to help ensure that applications progress smoothly through the system without delay.

Frequently asked questions

What should my application contain to ensure that it is a valid application

A valid planning application should include:
  • the correct application form(s);
  • the correct application fee;
  • a site location plan;
  • detailed drawings and enclosures to adequately describe the proposal.

Where can I get guidance on how to complete my application correctly?

Will my application fee be refunded if my application is invalid?

Applications deemed as invalid will have the original cheque returned.  Application fees paid in cash will be lodged in the Department's bank account and a refund will be issued.

What happens if I use the wrong form?

Applications made on the wrong form will be returned as invalid.
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