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Farmers: Slurry tanks

The Farm Nutrient Management Scheme (FNMS) was launched by the Department of Agriculture and Rural development in January 2005. This is a grant scheme to facilitate the upgrading of existing facilities and the construction of new facilities within farms to assist compliance with the Nitrates Directive.
Permitted development rights for agricultural buildings and operations are set out in Part 6 of Schedule 1 to the Planning (General Development) Order (Northern Ireland) 1993 (the GDO). However, amendments to the GDO may apply to development carried out in association with the Farm Nutrient Management Scheme for a time limited period ending on 31st December 2008.
The Planning (General Development) Amendment Order (Northern Ireland) 2005 Opens link in a new browser window, came into operation on 24th October 2005 and provides for a new time limited maximum ground area of 600 square metres for a building, or excavation used or to be used for the storage of slurry or manure or, by a building for the accommodation of livestock and storage of slurry or manure.  The GDO Amendment Order 2005 sets out the requirements of the legislation in order to receive these permitted development rights, including the required distance from a group of principal farm buildings and neighbouring dwellings.
Current development proposals for slurry storage, as described above, are to be assessed against the limitations for agricultural permitted development set out in Part 6 A.1 (a) to (i) of the General Development Order as amended.
Where a planning application is required, the proposals will be assessed within the context of the relevant planning policy and the responses of statutory consultees.
The Department has provided guidance for applicants to assist in the interpretation of this legislation and help to determine whether proposals for the upgrading of facilities on farms would benefit from permitted development rights or whether a planning application would be required.
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