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Farmers: Excavations

The excavation of material on agricultural land may fall within the remit of permitted development rights provided under Part 6 of Schedule 1 to the Planning (General Development) Order (Northern Ireland) 1993
Development is permitted for:
The winning and working on land held or occupied with land used for the purposes of agriculture of any minerals reasonably necessary for agricultural purposes within the agricultural unit of which it forms part as long as it is not:
  • Within 24 metres of the nearest part of a special road, or
  • Within 24 metres of the middle of a trunk or a first or second-class road, or,
  • 9 metres from the middle of other classes of road.
It is permitted subject to the conditions that:
  • No mineral extracted during the course of the operation shall be moved to any place outside the land from which it is extracted, except to land which is held or occupied with that land and is used for the purposes of agriculture;
  • The surface of the land shall be levelled and any topsoil replaced as the uppermost layer;
  • The land shall so far as practicable be restored to its former condition before the extraction took place.
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