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The design process

Your architect/agent must produce a scheme which meets your needs and also fulfils planning requirements by getting the best out of the site.  The common practice of dropping a standard house on to a site is poor design and fails to exploit the potential of the site.
Your architect/agent should complete an analysis of the development site.  The site analysis should include the position of the vantage points in the surrounding area, from which the site and the new buildings will be seen.  In working towards your final layout you must

Key Information

A well thought through design process is necessary to achieve a successful scheme.
consider these viewpoints carefully and adjust the scheme to obtain the best possible fit between buildings and landscape, with the buildings always being subservient to the landscape.  The site analysis will also provide significant design clues including the views to the site, the likely position of the access, and many other factors.  These clues enable the design process to begin, by indicating possible positions for entrances, gardens, garages, particular rooms and so on, until a house plan and site layout begin to take shape together. The process demands considerable work by both client and architect/agent, but is necessary to achieve a successful scheme.
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