Planning Portal

Factory or Warehouse Extensions

Planning permission will not normally be required if your extension is:
  • less than 750 square metres of floor space; and
  • less than 20 per cent of the volume of the original building; and
  • below the height of the original building.
The extension must be related to the current use of the building or the provision of staff facilities. Planning permission will be required if the extension:
  • materially affects the external appearance of the building; or
  • comes within five metres of the boundary of the site; or
  • reduces the amount of space available for parking or turning of vehicles.
  • any part of the development is carried out within any boundary of thecurtiage of the premises which adjoins the curtilage of any dwellinghouse or flat.

Original Building

  • Volume is calculated from external measurements. "Original" means as first built, or as the building stood on 1 October 1973, if built before then. The allowance is once and for all; any previous enlargement of the building counts against these freedoms.
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