Planning Portal

Business Plans and Annual Reports

The Department's Strategic Planning Division and Planning Policy Division set out plans for the future in the Department's Corporate and Business Plan and report upon past performance in the Annual Report and Accounts.  Together these documents give a wide range of facts, figures and other information about the work of the Department.  The most up to date versions of these documents are available on the Department's website, a link to which is provided below.
Copies of previous Business Plans and Annual Reports and Accounts published by Planning Service up to March 2011 are available below.

Planning Service Corporate and Business Plans

The Corporate and Business Plans are published each year. The Corporate Plan sets out strategic aims and objectives for the medium term, usually a 2 or 3 year period. The Business Plan sets out the key performance targets set by the Minister for the first year of the Corporate Plan.

Planning Service Annual Reports and Accounts

The Planning Service published its Annual Report and Accounts each year (usually in July). The Report outlines the work carried out in the previous financial year (ending on 31 March) and provides details of its financial affairs in the form of a Balance Sheet and Operating Cost and Cash Flow Statements.
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