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PublicAccess for Planning Applications

An updated version of PublicAccess was launched on 15th September 2015 and gives you the ability to:
  • Register as a user to search and track planning applications throughout the life cycle of the planning process
  • Submit online comments on planning applications
  • PublicAccess User Guide (Opens PDF document in a new browser window 2863 KB)

Please read the information below carefully before using this application

Clicking the link below is an acknowledgement that you have read, understood and agreed to the basis upon which planning application information is provided by PublicAccess, the limitations of PublicAccess, its use, copyright and other limitations. [See appropriate sections for further details]
Important Information about viewing documents via the PublicAccess Website
The latest version of Public Access supports a wider range of web browsers including versions of IE 9 and upwards along with Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.
Please note - it may be necessary to disable the pop-up blocker within your browser for to allow documents to be displayed.
If you are still using IE8 please follow the guide below:-
To view documents associated with planning applications using the Internet Explorer 8 Web Browser you must ensure that compatibility view has been set on.
To turn on compatibility view on Internet Explorer 8, open the Tools menu and click the option marked Compatibility View. Close the browser and reopen Internet Explorer 8. Documents associated with the planning application you selected will now be available to view.

Important Information about Planning Applications on the PublicAccess Website

PublicAccess contains the details of all planning applications from 04 August 1973.  
Plans, maps, drawings and other documents supporting a planning application such as consultation responses are only available for planning applications received after 01 June 2010.
If you wish to view the details of any planning application prior to 01 June 2010, please contact your Local Council's Planning Office.
If you encounter any errors or technical problems when using Public Access, these should be reported to the Local Council's Planning Office for which the planning application relates.  If you encounter the same errors or technical problems when viewing planning applications from different local council districts, there is no need to report the error to each council but to instead include this information when reporting the incident to at least one local council.
Any other generic Planning Portal queries can be directed to
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