Northern Ireland Planning Service

Home Owners: Heat Pumps

A ground or water source heat pump

Planning permission is not required provided that:
1. No part of the pump or its housing which is within 3 metres of the boundary of the house exceeds 4 metres in height.
2. No part of the pump or its housing is closer to a road than the part of the house nearest the road.
3. The heat pump is not situated within an area of special scientific interest or a site of archaeological interest.
Note: The primary purpose of such equipment must be to provide heat or energy for a domestic supply. Equipment must be removed as soon as reasonably practicable when no longer in use.
If you live in a house which is a listed building, it is likely that you will need Listed Building Consent for any building operations. If the development is within the curtilage of a listed building you may need to submit a planning application for the work unless listed building consent has already been granted. Your local area planning office will be able to advise you.

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